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Leaf Unveils Aptus 75 And Aptus 65

Camera backs feature LCD touch screens

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Leaf Aptus 75 (33 Mpxl) and Leaf Aptus 65 (28 Mpxl) are the latest professional digital camera backs from Leaf, joining already existing 17- and 22-Mpxl versions.

The Aptus 75 back features a 33.3- Mpxl nearly full-frame CCD sensor with 7.2-micron pixel size to provide a deep dynamic range; the sensor on the 65 is slightly smaller (complete specs for the 65 are not available at press time). The Aptus 75 offers images up to 6726 x 5040 pxl for a file size up to 200 MB in 16-bit color. The Leaf Aptus 65 includes images up to 6144 x 4622 pxl for 16-bit files up to 160 MB.

Sporting 6 x 7-cm LCD touch screens, both backs have tools and settings that are easy to access and use"?before as well as during the shoot. Functions on the LCD screen include: preshoot file naming, browsing, file management, previews of up to 20 images, histograms, exposure meter, gray balance, 100% zoom, ISO, metadata, and more. The new Leaf Aptus backs also feature: Leaf Capture 10 and Capture 8 software, an extended ISO range from 50 to 800, 12 f-stops, a 3-year warranty option, and capture rates as high as 1.85 sec/frame, depending on configuration.

File options include uncompressed RAW files and a new completely lossless compression, which reduces the size of the RAW files by half. Storage options include a CF card, FireWire disk, or Leaf's new Leaf Digital Magazine with a 30-GB capacity for longer shooting sessions and larger file sizes. The self-powered 30-GB storage magazine mounts underneath, and can be used on any Leaf camera back.

The Aptus 75 is compatible with select medium-and large-format cameras, including Hasselblad, Mamiya, Contax, Fuji, Bronica, Sinar, Toyo, Cambo, Linhof, Horeseman, and Rollei.

Street Price: Aptus 75, $29,995, available now; Aptus 65, $17,995, available Q1 2006. Leaf also offers an upgrade/ trade-in program.


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