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LexJet's Infinium Print Media with Built-in Laminate, Adhesive

Also introduces FaceMount Perforated Window Grip.

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LexJet has introduced Infinium, a print media with a laminate and adhesive built into a single comformable material – in essence, says the company, “a fully transportable graphic.” Compatible with low-solvent, solvent, latex, and UV-curable printers, Infinium can be applied to virtually any surface, including irregular surfaces and curves. To use the product, an image is reverse printed onto the Infinium media and it’s then applied face down on the substrate with heat, water, or the company’s Infinium Bond primer (depending on the application and whether it’s intended to be a temporary or permanent graphic).

Infinium is manufactured with water-based chemistries and has no VOCs and is PVC-free, the company reports. It’s compatible with most commonly used post-print processes, including laser cutting, routing, and thermoforming without distorting the graphic. Available in gloss and matte versions, in these widths: 25-, 36-, 42-, 50-, and 54-in.

LexJet also has introduced FaceMount Perforated Window Grip, a 60/40 perforated film (60-percent printable area, 40-percent open area pattern) engineered to make for easier window applications. The film features a low-tack grip adhesive that’s repositionable and easy to remove, with little to no post-removal residue. Designed for use with low-solvent and solvent printers, FaceMount is available in these roll sizes: 54 in. x 82 ft and 27 in. x 12 ft.


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