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LexJet’s Large Format Graphics Sales & Application Guides

The guide includes printed and non-printed samples.

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LexJet has announced its new Large Format Graphics Sales & Application Guides, hardbound, three-ring binder media product books. The Aqueous guide details more than 50 aqueous inkjet media compatible with the latest printers from Canon, Epson, and HP. The SUV guide includes more than 50 inkjet media compatible with solvent, low-solvent, UV-curable, and latex printers. Both guides also discuss media-laminate combinations.

The guides include sheets of banner materials, display films, vinyl media, fine-art and photo papers, wall coverings, complete tradeshow and P-O-P solutions, and various laminates. One half of the media is printed and the other is blank so users can see how colors reproduce on each material and the texture, surface properties, and base color of the material before it’s printed.
Price: $89 each.


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