LexJet's Prelume Brightens Prints

Without risk of media yellowing

Big Picture

The LexJet Corp. has licensed an advanced coating technology that visually enhances digital color output. Called Prelume?, the package of synergistic chemical additives dramatically whitens and brightens digital color images without affecting colors or introducing organic chemical whiteners that can cause inkjet prints to yellow with age.

According to LexJet's John Lane, "PreLume's effects are clearly visible. White areas appear whiter, while the colors, including black, remain true. Yellowness and grayness emanating from films and papers are eliminated."

Lane expects PreLume will be added to a variety of printable films, including some of LexJet's laminating and backing films. Even though images will appear brighter and whiter, users of LexJet media with PreLume don't have to change their printer settings of color profiles--unless prehaps they need to color-match a previously output job on media that has started to yellow.

LexJet products for trade-show and P-O-P displays will be the first to benefit from PreLume. "Our signature DisplayFlex and backers have been extensively field tested with PreLume," says LexJet's Jeff Leto. (LexJet Direct: www.lexjet.com)

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