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Lighting the Way for Digital Signage

Lamps that grab viewers' attention

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Way-Light Systems' Light-Sticks are deco-style fluorescent lamp products that grab viewers' attention to the attached signage. They're available in six sizes (1 ft, 4 in.; 2 ft, 5 in.; 3 ft., 5 in.; 4 ft., 8 in.; 5 ft., 5 in.; and 6 ft., 3 in.) and nine colors (white, yellow, orange, red, pink, lilac, blue, green, and blacklight). Light-Sticks can be used in indoor and outdoor environments such as retail stores, trade-show booths, and P-O-P locations. The company sells stainless-steel stands to hold the Light-Sticks vertical, as well as eight styles of sign blanks with clips, into which digitally printed graphics can be inserted. (Way-Light Systems: www.way-light.com)

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