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Logitech and Adobe Introduce NuLooq Pro Series

Products comprise mouse companion and navigation tools.

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Logitech, the Swiss manufacturer of digital peripherals, has collaborated with Adobe Systems to develop two tools for designers that interact with Adobe"?s Creative Suite 2 as well as standalone CS2 applications (Mac versions only). The new Logitech NuLOOQ Professional Series product line comprises the NuLooq navigator, a device used in conjunction with a mouse and a keyboard to manipulate images and documents, and the NuLooq tooldial, a customizable on-demand interface software that provides quick access to design tools. Both are geared to save designers time, "giving them the ability to shift their focus to the most important aspect of design"?imagery and layout."?

Approximately the size and shape of half a tennis ball, the,NuLooq navigator is a companion to a mouse and a tablet or keyboard. The navigator is a stationary device that sits under the "non-mousing"? hand and has a circular touch-sensitive surface (the tooltuner dial) for adjusting option values in supported applications. A movable rubber-like ring (the navring controller) at the base allows designers to navigate images and documents, while embedded buttons (triggerpoint buttons) call up frequently used tools.

Navigator features include: the ability to easily scroll and zoom"?a nudge of the navring controller moves selected images, while twisting it controls the zoom feature; a touch-sensitive tooltuner dial that gives designers the ability to adjust or tune tool-option values, such as text leading or brush size; automated detection of the current CS2 application, selected object, or tool (presenting option values for that application when prompted); and three built-in triggerpoint buttons embedded in the tooltuner dial to provide quick access to commands, modifier keys, and tooldial menus.

Included with the navigator"?and also available for purchase separately"?is the NuLooq tooldial software, which centralizes frequently used tools, commands, and files within an on-demand circular or wheel menu that"?s divided into eight wedges. Launched with a keystroke or mouse click, or by using one of the navigator triggerpoint buttons, the tooldial wheel appears centered under the cursor (it disappears when the activity is completed). Each of the eight wedges can have up to eight associated wedges with it, providing a total of 72 available tools, commands, and files per tooldial.

Specific tooldial features include: easy configuration of tooldial menus by dragging and dropping commands directly into the wedges (or moving files or executables from the Finder); automatic detection of the current application, bringing up the associated tooldial menu; and one-click "tweak"? tools, allowing the user to select brush tools and brush sizes in Photoshop or select leading, tracking, or point size in InDesign, for example.

The NuLooq Professional Series (includes navigator and tooldial) has a suggested retail price in the US of $149.99. The NuLooq tooldial can be purchased separately for a suggested retail price of $49.99. Note: PC support is planned, but no confirmed dates are available.


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