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Logitech Offers Unbundled NuLooq Navigator

Now works with Adobe Bridge, Microsoft Office Word and Excel, and others.

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Logitech’s NuLooq navigator, originally released with support for Mac OS and Adobe Create Suite 2 as part of the NuLooq Professional Series bundle, is now available unbundled and with added support for Windows XP, and many additional applications.

Additional applications that now work with the navigator include: Adobe Illustrator CS2; Adobe InDesign CS2; Adobe Photoshop CS2; Adobe Bridge; Adobe Photoshop Elements 4; Final Cut Pro; Adobe Premiere Pro; iMovie, iTunes; Microsoft Office Word and Excel; and Safari. Current NuLooq Professional Series users can download the NuLooq navigator Windows driver free of charge from the Logitech website.

Approximately the size and shape of half a tennis ball, the NuLooq navigator is a companion to a mouse and a tablet or keyboard. The navigator is a stationary device that sits under the "non-mousing" hand and has a circular touch-sensitive surface (the tooltuner dial) for adjusting option values in supported applications. A movable rubber-like ring (the navring controller) at the base allows designers to navigate images and documents, while embedded buttons (triggerpoint buttons) call up frequently used tools.

Price: $79.99.


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