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L&P VirtuFX and Enhanced VirtuPlus Debut

L&P and 3M modify agreement for marketing and sales of digital printer line

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Leggett & Platt Digital debuted its new VirtuFX flatbed printer as well as its enhanced VirtuPlus flatbed/roll-to-roll model at its Fort Lauderdale, FL, factory in July. The company announced new pricing on the VirtuFX and VirtuPlus models, and reported that it had agreed to a new, nonexclusive agreement for marketing and sales of its line of digital printers with 3M.

The VirtuFX is a flatbed-only model that can handle substrates up to 98 in. wide and 2.5 in. thick including corrugated, foamboards, acrylics, glass, metal, wood, tiles, and more. Capable of printing in 4- or 6-color, the VirtuFX features 36 piezo drop-on-demand Spectra printheads and HueV pigmented, UV-curable inks and dyes (5-liter cubes). It can print at 600 or 300 true addressable dpi, and can also print dual 48-in. sheets to maximize productivity. Price: $395,000.

The VirtuPlus printer, formerly badged as the Virtu RS and also sold by 3M as the 2500UV printer, has been enhanced. The flatbed/roll-to-roll model now offers faster printing speeds and has been enhanced to utilize Direct Digital Dye for textile applications (eliminating the need for transfer dye sublimation). The VirtuPlus can be configured as a 4- or 6-color printer (CMYK) and can print at 300 or 600 true addressable dpi. As with the VirtuFX, the VirtuPlus can handle substrates up to 98 in. wide and 2.5 in. thick, and it can also print dual rolls of 48-in. vinyl or sheets. Price: $445,000.

As a result of these introductions, the L&P Digital line of printers now comprises the VirtuFX, VirtuPlus, and the Virtu TX. The latter is a wider version of the Virtu- Plus and is built at the company's Spuhl division in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Leggett & Platt Digital Technologies and 3M have agreed to a new, non-exclusive agreement for marketing and sales of L&P's line of digital printers. L&P will now handle the promotion of its line of printers under its Virtu brand name and the company will sell directly to the graphics market. 3M will continue to support inks, materials qualification, and software for these printers, and will assist L&P in selling printers into the graphics marketplace.

As indicated earlier, the 3M 2500UV printer, manufactured by L&P, will now be sold under the Virtu brand name. However, 3M says that it reserves the right to authorize any machines sold as Scotchprint machines, and remains committed to supporting its current customer base. "These customers are still Scotchprintauthorized per the current program, and can purchase inks, materials, and software from 3M and authorized distributors," says 3M. (L&P DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES: www.lp-digital.com; 3M: www.scotchprint.com)

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