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Lüscher Files for Bankruptcy

“Impossible to continue trading...despite extensive efforts,” reports the company.

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Lüscher AG Maschinenbau, the Swiss manufacturer of digital prepress systems, has filed for bankruptcy.

In a press release, the company stated: “The consequences of the massive downturn in the graphics industry on top of the financial crisis – sparing not even industry giants such as Kodak and Manroland – the continuing disappearance of printing shops combined with an expensive Swiss franc and, over the last nine months, a significant fall in incoming orders, make it impossible to continue trading. Despite extensive efforts, supported by the bank, development partners and investors, in new and more attractive applications in industrial print markets, it has not been possible to stabilize the company’s financial position in the prevailing restricted market context.”

Lüscher indicates that “there is a chance of continuing parts of the company’s activities and maintaining jobs,” if it can find a partner/buyer. “Management will be working with the responsible authorities over the coming weeks to endeavor to maintain a minimum level of operation.”


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