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Lyra Forecasts Growth in Installed Base of Solvent-System Inkjets

Number of units worldwide expected to reach 65,000 in 2007

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Lyra Research predicts that the market for wide-format inkjets that use solvent-based inks will grow substantially over the next five years--reaching 65,000 installed units by 2007.

Most of the growth will be driven by the demand for outdoor graphics and the greater availability of printers priced in the $35,000 to $100,000 range. Lower-priced printers that one were sold only in China and Korea are now appearing in European and US markets.

Founded in 1991, Lyra Research provides market, product, and technology information/analysis for printers, copiers, digital photography, and imaging supplies to more than 2000 customers. Their Wide-Format Production Printing Advisory Service is led by senior analyst Lloyd "Grey" Held, who notes that: "We divide the wide-format production printing market into two segments: flatbed and solvent. Flatbed printers are at least 24 in. wide, print on at least "?-in. thick material, and use either aqueous, solvent, or UV-curable inks." "

He adds, "We segment solvent printers into three subcategories: eco-solvent printers that use a mild type of solvent ink that doesn't require ventilation; midrange solvent printers that are priced below $100,000 and have a print width less than 3 meters, and high-end solvent printers that are either priced upwards of $100,000 and have a print width of 3 meters or more." (Lyra Research: www.lyra.com)

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