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Lyson 1000 and 1300 Inks for Mimaki JV3

Both are available in 6-color inksets.

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Nazdar has announced its new solvent inks for Mimaki JV3 printers: Lyson 1000 and 1300 series. Both are available in 6-color inksets (CMYKcm) and are packaged in 440-ml cartridges or 1-l bulk containers.

Lyson 1000 series provides a wide color gamut and 2-yr outdoor durability. "There is a consistent color density across the whole gamut, but the reds in particular are extremely vibrant," says Martin Burns, solvent-based digital inks product manager. The ink also offers resistance to UV fading and a faster dry time. The 1000 inks are designed for backlit applications and show good adhesion and flexibility on most self-supporting flexible and pressure-sensitive vinyls.

The 1300 series is a color equivalent to the original OEM inkset for the Mimaki JV3, Nazdar reports, eliminating the need for new ICC profiles.

Both inksets offer an overprint clear varnish to provide added surface protection and extend outdoor durability. The DCA51 (gloss) and DCA52 (matte) varnishes are available in 5-gal containers.


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