Lyson Darkroom System for Black-and-White Imaging

Can be used by Epson Stylus Pro 2200/7600/9600 printers

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Lyson has introduced a new system for black-and-white fine-art imaging"?Daylight Darkroom. The Daylight Darkroom system can currently be used by Epson Stylus Pro 2200 and 7600/9600 printers, and soon will be compatible with the Epson Stylus Pro 4000 and selected Canon printers soon.

The Daylight Darkroom system comprises True Monochrome print software, Daylight Darkroom Quad Black inks, and Darkroom media. "Printing high-quality monochrome images using a normal color inkset has always been problematic," says Lyson's Tony Martin. "By developing a true monochrome print driver along with media featuring a proprietary coating, Lyson has been able to overcome the historical barriers to exceptional digital blackand- white printing."

The Daylight Darkroom driver allows for complete control over every ink channel on the printer to provide continuous-tone printing. The driver has two distinct but linked modules"?Print Pro and Profile Creator. Print Pro provides all the features of a standard print driver, as well as image sizing, rotation, and a print-preview screen. It can blend two separate profiles together to fine tune the final look of the image. Profile Creator enables users to quickly make or edit their own profiles for Print Pro. Daylight Darkroom Driver is compatible with Mac OS X and comes with warm, neutral, and cool profiles for Lyson media; a Windows XP version of the driver will be available soon.

The Daylight Darkroom Quad Black dye inks are available in cartridges or a bulkfeed system.Lyson claims they are extremely lightfast and notes the inksets have been tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research at 120+ years indoor on Lyson fine-art papers.

Lyson's original Lyson Quad Black inks are a "fixed tone" inkset, consisting of six intensities of the same neutral black shade"?meaning, says Martin, that users can't change the tone of the print away from neutral. The Daylight Darkroom Quad black inkset, however, consists of four intensities of neutral black along with three toning inks so that users can print a neutral image, or tone the image within a tight color gamut to achieve monochrome effects like sepia or selenium tones.

Only three media are currently in the Darkroom range"?Gloss, Matte, and Pearl. These Darkroom media mimic traditional photographic finishes but also feature enhanced fade resistance. In addition, all standard Lyson archival media will work with Daylight Darkroom, including several grades of fine-art paper. (Lyson:

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