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M3000 Cutting System from Gerber

Features a 75 x 120-in. zoned vacuum bed and speeds that reach 34 in./sec.

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With its acquisition of Data Technology Inc., the Wilmington, MA-based manufacturer of automated cutting hardware, Gerber Scientific Products now offers a new print-to-cut solution-the M3000 Digital Cutting and Finishing system. Featuring an accuracy of up to 0.003 in./ft, the M3000 accommodates tasks ranging from routing inkjet-printed corrugated plastic and kiss-cutting vinyl decals to contour cutting and creasing of P-O-P graphics

This fourth-generation system features a 75 x 120-in. zoned vacuum bed, speeds that reach 34 in./sec, and an oversized X-Y drive system for accuracy and reliability. Its T3 modular cutting head offers automatic tool recognition and quick change-out of tool heads. Standard modular tools include: pneumatic oscillating knife, pneumatic router, creasing tool, and plotting pen.

Complete with the MVision-Cut automatic laser registration system, the M3000 automatically locates registration marks, allows for print and material distortions, and enables the print-to-cut operation. In addition, its high tool force-up to 60 lbs-allows precision cutting of a variety of materials, including various rigid substrates.


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