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MacTac Introduces MacTabs

Designed for quick sign and P-O-P fabrication and banner seaming.

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MacTabs is the latest in quick bonding from MACtac. Designed for quick sign fabrication, banner seaming, or P-O-P display fabrication, MacTabs features a rubber-based, industrial-strength bonding, no-VOC adhesive that will adhere to metals, plastics, and hard-to-stick substrates such as polyethylene and nylon. It will even stick to uneven, irregular, or low-energy surfaces such as low- density polypropylene (LDPP) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE), the company reports. The adhesive is moisture- and detergent-resistant.

Application is as simple as peel, place, and press"?which decreases assembly time while still producing a pleasing overall appearance. Each strip has a 0.25-in. un-gummed edge to allow users to quickly remove the liner. MacTabs is available in 1 x 3-in. tabs or 1 x 60-in. rolls.


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