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MACtac Tackles Exhibit Assembly

Specialty bonding and mounting tapes aid display fabricators

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A well-designed exhibit includes more than just eye-catching graphics. A good display also assembles quickly and stays together throughout the life of the promotion. MACtac's new line of exhibit fabrication products eases exhibit assembly by bonding popular display substrates including plastic, rubber, metal and corrugated paper. The bonding and mounting tapes can also provide a fast alternative to sewing for banner hemming.

MACmount? is a double-coated, closed-cell polyethylene foam tape for bonding uneven or irregular surfaces.

MACbond? material is a double-sided, high-tack pressure-sensitive adhesive for exhibits using materials such as thin fabrics and magnets.

MACfilm? products can bond low-density foams, felts, fabrics, die-cut parts, and decorative trim.

GS Series High-Strength Adhesive Tape provides consistent adhesion for use with metal, wood, polyethylene, polypropylene, glass, rigid composites, hook-and-loop fasteners, extruded polymers, and a variety of other substrates. The tape's thick, heavy-duty adhesive also has gap-filling properties and serves as a moisture barrier. (Mactac: www.mactac.com)

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