Mactac's Four-Pack of New Finishing Products

Mounting and backing films

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MACtac, a leading supplier of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials, has popped the top on a four-pack of new finishing products.

PermaPrint IP 5000 mounting film: For distortion-free mounting of photographic prints and other digital images, Mactac offers this opaque mounting film which is coated on both sides with high-tack, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. It's designed for cold lamination and comes in widths of 21 to 61 in.

PermaFlex IP9000 backing film: When this polyester backing film is applied to the back of trade-show graphics, the graphics are rigid enough for display on flat panels and curved display columns, yet roll up easily and repeatedly for transport without delamination. Available in 51-in. wide rolls, IP9000 is applied without heat.

PermaTrans IP4000 mounting film: For lenticular and touchscreen applications, this optically clear mounting film eliminates light refraction. It consists of a thin layer of adhesive between two clear release liners.

Thermacolor Light Block is a totally opaque backing products with low temperature activation. In addition to blocking light, the film also enhances color density and lends depth, and vibrancy to images. Featuring a good lay-flat characteristic, Thermacolor films are available in 38- to 51-in. widths. The thickness choice of 5- or10-mil allows for a choice of rigidity, important when combining backings with overlaminates. (Mactac: www.mactac.com)

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