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MacTac's Permacolor RayZor Overlam for Vehicle Wraps

Compatible with solvent-based inksets, features UV protection.

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MacTac’s latest overlaminate-Permacolor RayZor LF3640-is engineered to work with its Imagin B-free JT5529BFD vinyl for simple and complex vehicle wraps. The highly conformable 1.5-mil cast PVC overlaminate is compatible with solvent-based inksets and features ultraviolet protection, an optically clear gloss, an ultra-smooth face, and a clear, permanent acrylic adhesive. Offering an outdoor durability of up to 7 yr, the overlaminate is applied with a cold-roll laminator.

The combination of the RayZor overlaminate and Image B-free vinyl provides a paint-like finish, durability, and conformability without lifting, peeling, or shrinking, reports the company.


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