Magnetic Media: Advice to Stick to

The leaders of two magnetic-receptive projects share best practices.

Magnetic media offers few thrilling tales of insurmountable roadblocks over which a heroic print provider triumphs. But that’s a boon to newcomers: Magnetic-receptive systems are fairly simple to work with, particularly in recent years as technology has allowed for thinner, wider substrates. Ready to make the switch? Here are a few quick tips to help you ease into the unfamiliar.

1. “Test, test, test,” says Decal Impressions’ Bryan Vielhauer, whose magnetic graphics for Kona Ice mobile vendors have been adopted in every corner of the country. “It’s so important in a long-term relationship with a client. Don’t take for granted that it’s going to work until you’ve tested it. And don’t be afraid to ask questions of your client. If they can’t tell you how they’re going to use it, you can’t give them what they need.”

2. Don’t be afraid to experiment. “Doing something new can be a lot of fun, and can yield great results,” says Vielhauer. The shop is currently testing magnetic media on its latex printers for improved output.

3. Name your price strategically. “[Magnetic media] is pretty easy to use,” says Sarosh Nayar, Fastsigns of northeast Dallas. And the bonus is: “You can sell them as a premium value-added offering to customers.” Fastsigns recently installed interactive walls using magnetic graphics for a pediatric urgent care center.

4. Overcome the fear of the unknown. Vielhauer cites countless discussions he’s had over the risk of theft when using magnetic graphics for retail. “That’s an OK problem to have,” he points out – beyond replacing a graphic that costs a few dollars, the worst that’s going to happen is you get some free advertising courtesy of your thief.

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