Make No Mistake-Especially on Supersize Prints

Kubin Nicholson uses an indoor soccer facility to proof wallscapes

Big Picture

Kubin Nicholson is a 65-year-old Milwaukee, WI-based company that promotes itself as "Printers of the Humongous." The quality-focused company rejects the notion that drivers traveling 65-mph on an interstate can't notice some of the finer details of color and shadows on digitally printed billboards. They also understand that the costs and complexity of installing big graphics often far exceeds the cost and complexity of printing them.

That's why Kubin Nicholson employees go to extraordinary lengths to inspect the print quality of their output before they send it out for installation. For example, the Kubin Nicholson workers shown above are using an indoor-soccer facility to inspect the final print quality of a wallscape that was output for Target stores on one of Kubin Nicholson's 16-ft. wide Vutek UltraVu 5300 printers.

The company's commitment to outputting outdoor-advertising masterpieces is also reflected in this eye-catching parking-lot graphic that helped WE Energies promote their sponsorship of a local art festival. (Kubin Nicholson:

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