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Mamiya Will Sell Camera and Optical Division

Cosmos Scientific Systems to acquire all assets.

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Mamiya O/P has announced that it is selling its Optical Equipment Division, manufacturer of medium-format cameras, digital backs, and lenses, to Cosmos Scientific Systems. Cosmos will acquire all assets, including inventory, property, trademarks, and patents, and transfer these to a new company, Mamiya Digital Imaging. The sale is expected to close in September.

Cosmos Scientific Systems Inc. is an IT-technology company based in Japan. The company reports that it will retain a substantial number of the Mamiya staff and facilities following the sale. Service of Mamiya cameras, lenses, and accessories will also be handled by the existing Mamiya distribution network.

"There will be no change in Mamiya business activities in the US, including marketing, sales, and service," says the MAC Group, which represents Mamiya here in the States. "Mamiya Digital Imaging will concentrate its efforts on expanding development of the Mamiya ZD Digital Camera, Mamiya Digital Back, and all current Mamiya cameras and lenses." "

Mamiya, founded in 1940 by Seichi Mamiya and Tsunejiro Sugawara, introduced its ZD medium-format digital SLR (as well as a digital back, also with the ZD nameplate) in 2004.




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