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Managing Content for Profit

NAPL Book provides practical advice

Big Picture

A new book entitled "A Printer's Guide to Content Management Services" explains how printing companies can increase revenue and customer retention by developing and marketing content-management services.

Written by Cary Sherburne and published by the NAPL (National Association of Printing Leadership), the 176-page book examines how graphic-arts companies can help customers repurpose their content in print and other media.

The book explores various aspects of content management, effective sales and marketing strategies, and steps for ensuring that content-management programs keep pace with the evolving needs of their customers.

A former director at Cap Ventures, Sherburne has been actively involved in the digital printing market since its inception. She has held sales and marketing roles at Xerox, Indigo, and Ikon Office Solutions.

"A Printer's Guide to Content Management" sells for $34.95 ($29.95 for NAPL members). (NAPL: 800-642-6275; http://store.napl.org)

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