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Marabu ClearShield Coating Sample Kits

ClearShield Original and ClearShield Type C for canvas liquid laminates.

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Marabu North America is now offering new sample kits of its ClearShield liquid laminates: the ClearShield Original and the ClearShield Type C for canvas.

The ClearShield Original Sample Kit includes 8-oz bottles of ClearShield Original in both gloss and matte finishes; a roller and tray; coated and uncoated vinyl samples for comparison and practice; and Graffix Gone, Window Juice, and Action Tac application fluids. The ClearShield Type C Sample Kit features ClearShield Type C specifically formulated for use with canvas and includes 8-oz bottles of ClearShield Type C in both Gloss and Satin finishes, a roller with a tray and canvas samples.

Sample kits are priced at $22.99 each.


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