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Marabu MaraJet DI-JVP and DI-MS Solvent Inks

Inks designed for Mimaki JV33 and JV3 printers.

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Marabu North America has added MaraJet DI-MS and MaraJet DI-JVP solvent inks for Mimaki JV33 and JV3 printers, respectively, to its MaraJet Digital Ink line. Similar to the company’s MaraJet DI-LS products, the new solvent inks are true plug-and-print cartridges, designed to allow users to install without making any changes to their existing color profiles. In addition, the inks offer high-grade pigmentation and very wide color gamuts especially in the reds and yellows, Marabu reports. Available in CMYKcm, in 440-mil cartridges or 1-liter bottles.


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