Mark Bric Brochures Aid Display-System Resellers

Describe poster stands, banner stands, and pop-ups

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Mark Bric Display has published three full-color brochures describing their sign and poster stands, banner stands and pop-up displays. Each brochure is available in a generic format so that resellers of Mark Bric displays can add their own contact information in the space provided.

Sign & Poster Stands: This brochure features Mark Bric's complete range of FLEXIFRAME? indoor floor-stands, including the X-Stand and Soft Line models and more than two dozen additional models and accessories for floor-stand and tabletop displays. A light bulb icon indicates which stands can be used with Mark Bric's LightUp line of backlit displays.

Pop-Up Displays: This publication spotlights Mark Bric's SnapUP? family of pop-up displays, including show kits, backwalls, tower displays and accessories. The brochure includes the original SnapUp fabric-panel system as well as the SnapUp-MP (Magnet Pro) model for use with full-mural graphics.

Banner Stands: Mark Bric's BannerUp? retractable banner stands are featured in this brochure. The banner stands are available in four widths and can be used with a Quick-Change mounting kit, which facilitates the use of different banners in the same banner cassette. (Mark Bric Display: 800-742-6275,

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