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Mark Bric's New Ego and Snappy Frame Lines

Ego indoor display system snaps together without tools.

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The Mark Bric Display Corporation has introduced two new product lines: the Ego and the Snappy Frame.

The Ego exhibit system comprises various display structures that snap together without tools. The large-scale exhibit displays reveal no frameworks or visible means of support-all of the structural support is hidden behind the graphics. Slightly curved surfaces form freestanding towers of various sizes and shapes up to 18-ft tall. Display walls also can connect to the towers and weight-bearing stages can also be constructed with the Ego system. The frames snap together with a junction, rod, and wing assembly. Graphic panels are attached to the exterior with custom-made magnetic tape.

Ego is sold as a complete kit or in a do-it-yourself design individual component form. Exterior shelving, product showcases, and LCD-mount accessories are also available with the Ego display.

The Snappy Frame, designed to display posters and prints, features a quick-load design for rapid graphics change-out. The brushed aluminum profile offers a front-loading snap function and has weatherproof back panels. The anti-reflex front-protection plastic sheet is 0.5-mm thick and holds the poster in place. The Snappy Frame can be portrait or landscape orientation for indoor and outdoor installations. Standard sizes: 8 1/2 x 11, 18 x 24, 22 x 28, and 24 x 36-in.


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