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Mask Pro 4 from OnOne Software

For challenging masking jobs.

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Mask Pro 4, from onOne Software, has been introduced. An upgrade to the company’s Mask Pro 3, the new version provides a collection of Photoshop plug-in tools to tackle challenging masking jobs. Mask Pro 4 uses the concept of "keep colors" and "drop colors" chosen by the user and then, based on those user selections, the Mask Pro algorithm removes only those selected colors from an image. When a "drop color" is found in another pixel, Mask Pro removes only that color value from the pixel, leaving that pixel (or pixels) semi-transparent. This allows Mask Pro to minimize the edge halo effect often seen when masking a transparent object or edge.

Additional new features in Mask Pro 4 include: a Keep/Drop detail view showing users the exact color values selected by the Keep & Drop Highlighters; support for Wacom tablets including pressure sensitivity; and improved Navigator windows allowing users to see several views while masking a subject.

Price: $159.95 (upgrades from previous versions: $69.95).


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