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Matan Introduces Barak5 to North America

A 126-inch roll-to-roll with flatbed option.

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Having launched in Europe last year, Matan introduced its new Barak5 printer to a North American audience at ISA. The 5-m (126-in.) UV-curable Barak5 is a roll-to-roll printer with a flatbed option. It can image up to three rolls of 63-in. media simultaneously, and print onto coated and uncoated media as thick as 1 in. Offering 2-yr durability, the Barak5 is compatible with roll and rigid media include flexface, mesh, blueback paper, backlit, self-adhesive vinyl, Tyvek, foam PVC, acrylic, aluminum, and foamboard.

Users can choose from a range of speeds and qualities, including Express speed and Supreme quality. The Barak5 features a top speed of 1830 sq ft/hr. Its 30-pl Ricoh E3 printheads offer true 600 dpi and apparent 1200-dpi resolutions. The Barak UV 300 pigmented inks are high-density and flexible with large color gamut. The company reports that the inks will provide coverage of up to 1940 sq ft/liter on average.

The Barak5 is armed with a Caldera RIP, which processes while printing to speed the workflow. The RIP also has tiling and nesting features.

Similar to the 3-m Barak 3, the Barak 5 features a fast changeover from rollfed to flatbed. Additionally, the machine boasts a 5-min start-up time, an integrated mesh table, media tracking, and auto media measuring.



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