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Matan Spot36 2-color Digital Printer

For wayfinding and traffic-signage apps.

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Matan has released its new Spot36 thermal-transfer ribbon printer. Designed to meet the needs of wayfinding and traffic-signage applications, the 36.6-in. Spot36 can print up to 2-colors in one pass, with 5 yr outdoor durability.

Matan's resin ribbons offer a wide variety of spot colors, including traffic red, blue, and green; shiny metallics; opaque white; and etched. Matan has also developed ribbons to print on reflective media for traffic applications; the ribbon's high transparency enables the media to stay reflective even when covered in print.

Equipped with Kyocera printheads and Scanvec PhotoPrint Server 4.6 RIP, the Spot36 can hit resolutions up to 400 x 1200 dpi and speeds up to 14.75 ft/min. (885 ft/hr or 2680 sq ft/hr). The printer supports a wide range of media including reflective traffic vinyl. Besides traffic and wayfinding, this machine can also print other short-run, high-durability jobs such as window graphics and take on additional industrial applications.

Its new SpotBoard enables fine-tuning of heat levels necessary to maximize the print quality of each color. The Spot36 also features: USB2 connectivity to allow for operation from a variety of computer platforms; quick changeover between colors and jobs; and an electronic discharge ionizer to remove dust from media prior to printing. Options include Matan's VariPrint variable-data software.

Price on the Matan Spot36: $89,000.


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