Maxing Out Visibility

Twelve display systems to help bring your client’s message to the fore.

Big Picture

Why be “vanilla” when it comes to display options when you can offer something exciting for your client? That seems to be the message this year in looking at the various display systems across the marketplace.

Yes, traditional displays – popup tradeshow units, banner stands, etc. – are still available and always in demand. But if you want your customer’s message to stand out in the crowd, you need to be able to provide some more intriguing possibilities.

Some trends we’ve noticed:
• Bigger alternatives: Display manufacturers are recognizing that, sometimes, just being more massive garners more attention.
• More motion and/or interactive-capable: Customers are demanding ways to integrate motion into displays and also be capable of responding to touch or motion.
• Greater use of illumination: Also a major attention-grabber, light adds to an already successful display and its graphics.

The dozen displays highlighted here represent just some of the marketplace solutions that are out there. The bottom line: Help your client bring his or her message to the fore and you’re likely to be rewarded with more work.

A Fine Radiance
Rose Displays’ Broadway Frame is built to meet the demanding requirements of retail while also providing bright, even illumination in conjunction with the company’s Thinline frame. Due to its special backer board and light panel, uniform lighting prevails throughout the frame, even at larger sizes. The color temperature and lumens output are taken into consideration to maximize the brightness of the frame, Rose Displays reports, and the frame remains comfortable to the touch due to its heat-management construction. The Broadway’s frame rails are designed to open at 90 degrees so frames can be mounted directly in a fixture or abutted next to each other with no need for extra clearance. Stock finishes are black and clear anodized aluminum; available in sizes up to 48 x 119 in. (custom colors and sizes available). Maximum graphic thickness is 0.040-in.


Catch the Wave
With displays, as in business, it’s important to be flexible. Mark Bric’s IsoFrame Wave is a fully flexible display unit – every panel section measures 31.5 x 82-in. and can flex up to 180 degrees each way in the horizontal position. At three or more panel sections wide, the Wave can be maneuvered into a full circle display. Graphics attach and align with a new mechanical/magnetic mounting system. Tables, monitors, and spotlights can be attached if desired, and IsoFrame panel sections can be added to fill the size of any space. Its FastClamp connector system allows for tool-free assembly, the company reports.


Going with the Grain
The new Digital Veneers Collection of MagnaMedia from Visual Magnetics features wood-grain-finish products with a 100% FSC-certified cellulose base that is dye-sublimation printed with wood-grain patterns then encapsulated in a durable resin finish. The first three products in the line are: VM-Maple12, VM-Oak12, and VM-Walnut12.

The products’ wood-grain surface is printable with a wide range of digital and analog print technologies, the company reports, while the reverse side has Visual Magnetics’ magnetic-receptive surface that attracts to the company’s InvisiLock custom-engineered sheet magnet. Applications include high-resolution natural photo and artwork reproductions, rich tone wall murals, customized architectural woodwork and P-O-P signage, plus architectural and design applications across markets such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, education, visual merchandising, and more.

The Visual Magnetics Graphic System comprises ActiveWall Micro-Iron wall primer, MagnaMedia Micro-Iron coated print media and fabrics, and InvisiLock magnet, which can be applied to virtually any surface, incorporated into frames and fixtures, or mounted directly to a wall when used in combination with ActiveWall primer.


Frame of Reference
Having to remove frames from a wall to change out the graphics is a challenge most clients don’t want to bother with. The FlipUp Frame from Alpina Manufacturing solves that problem. Engineered in five styles – Front Load, Security, Slide-In, Mini FlipUp, and Rounded Corner – the FlipUp Frame is available in various colors (including woodgrain) and all models are made of anodized aluminum. The Front Load is a standard finger-open frame in 1.25- and 2.50-in.-wide profiles, while the Security requires a simple tool to open (1.25- and 1.75-in.-wide profiles); both accommodate graphics up to 0.50-in. thick and can be produced in any size. The Rounded Corner FlipUp, as the name implies, features rounded corners and is available in 1.00- and 1.25-in. profiles; 30 x 40-in. max (thin graphics only).

Also available are: the Slide-In, for very rapid graphic changeouts (top or side; not recommended for graphics larger than 25 x 37 in.); and the Mini FlipUp, which features a 0.60-in.-wide profile and a 30 x 40-in. max frame size.


Cornering the Market
Pointing the way doesn’t have to be mundane. The newly developed Flat Corner Signage family of products from Vista System International is designed to offer an attractive solution for both interior and exterior building corner applications. The signs range in size reaching up to 39.4 in. wide; custom sizes are also available upon demand.

The Flat Corner products utilize the company’s GreenSquare Float design, which features an attached floating profile designed to allow the sign frames to “float” a couple of inches from the wall and provide a modern, eye-catching look. The GreenSquare system is based on flat frames with graded inner channels that accept inserts of various materials and widths, up to 0.126-in. thick.


Wind is Optional
Tex Visions’ new Bowflag Premium product line features three models/shapes – Scoop, Shield, and Arrow – and none of these require wind to be displayed. Similar to the company’s Bowflag Plus series, the Bowflag Premium shapes use aviation-grade, silver-gray fiberglass poles. Graphics extend to the pole sleeve, no tools are required for assembly, and an economy bag is included for easy storage and transport.

The Bowflag Premium shapes are offered in several different sizes, ranging from 7.2- to 18.4-ft tall. All of the Bowflag Premium shapes are compatible with a variety of indoor and outdoor bases and can be used in a variety of settings.


Enabling the Message to Come Full Circle
The Round-Up Lite from Accenta features an illuminated pillar, which is available in variable heights up to 47 in., as well as a header panel to help increase brand awareness. In addition, a middle plate with a stop edge serves as a display shelf. Light-gray plate materials are ABS plastic (other plate colors are available); built-in T5 lamps (UL/CSA-approved). Display applications are varied, including food and beverages, hair and beauty products, shoes and accessories, and more.


This is the Big Time
Want to increase the size of your client’s digital presentation? Consider the Monitor Stand XL from Expand Media. Capable of accommodating displaying larger displays up to 60 in. (or 92.6 lbs), the stand can be used as a freestanding monitor holder or integrated into a popup display. The Monitor Stand XL comprises a single pole with adjustable heights: 63, 66-15/16, 70-7/8, and 74-13/16 in. It packs into a single carrying bag weighing in at 38 lbs. Applications include movies, video presentations, commercials, computer demonstrations, and moving graphics. No tools are required except for attaching the stand’s universal brackets.


Go Interactive
Why touch when you can wave? The EZ Interactive Wall from Moss Inc. is an interactive display with reactive sensors that allows users to drive content on an integrated LCD monitor with just a wave of the hand (this is not a touchscreen display).

EZ Interactive is a 39 x 93-in. EZ Fabric wall that’s combined with a monitor and an electronics package including eight sensors and a computer. The monitor, sensors, and computer are completely contained within an 80-mm wall, making for a compact and versatile display. The wall includes eight LED-lit proximity sensors, allowing users to select from the corresponding eight media files that are preloaded into the system. When users wave a hand in front of the sensors to select the media they want to see, LED-lit sensors light up briefly behind the fabric, clearly indicating what media was selected. Video as well as still images can be loaded and played. Energy use: 1.25 amps (150 watts).


Far Above the Madding Crowd
A branded tent is, of course, a solid display option for almost any event – but why stop there? You can bring added attention to the tent with this Sail Sign Mount from Creative Banner Assemblies. The mount is secured to the tent frame leg, allowing it to hold a sail sign flag that will fly high above the tent top – ensuring your client’s message is seen by the event’s crowds. The Sail Sign Mount is recommended for the company’s 8- and 11-ft Sail Signs and for its Deluxe and Premium Event Tent products. The Creative Banner Sail Signs with flexible fiberglass poles and reinforced pole pockets are available in three sizes and three shapes; the Event Tents are available in sizes up to 120 x 127 in.


Brilliant and Flexible
A sophisticated alternative to backlit fluorescent and edgelit LED light boxes, the Optima 1000 LED Backlit Light Box from Stylmark combines the best aspects of each technology for a vivid and consistent display of branded graphics. Its premium light source contains a panel of LEDs that provide more than 1000 footcandles of illumination, ensuring all graphic sizes are evenly lit and illumination is uniformly diffuse without hot spots or visible emitters, the company reports.

Its LED technology provides for low-power consumption, long lifespan, and few failure points, while its modern frame boasts sleek corners and six standard anodized finishes (custom finishes available). The ADA-compliant Optima 1000 can also be a standalone fixture or incorporated into larger illuminated displays with shelving. Available in four standard sizes (20 x 24, 24 x 36, 30 x 40, and 36 x 48 in.); 2.5-in. depth from wall.


Bring on the Hugs
Bring a product, character, or shape to life with the Inflatable Costumes from Above All Advertising. These costumes are designed to not only garner attention but also allow for a direct interaction with customers in a very memorable way. All costumes are customizable as to shape, color, and more; each costume is flexible enough to retain its shape after being hugged or grabbed. A battery-powered interior fan system keeps the wearer cool; foot straps inside rubber-soled shoes allow for the costume wearer’s easy entrance. Applications include tradeshows, sporting events, and anywhere else your client might want to be seen.


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