Media Roll Call

More than 100 sources of rollfed paper, film, vinyl, plastics, and self-adhesives.

Big Picture

The right media can make or break a job. Period. Knowing this, many print providers will stick with a stable of tried-and-true solutions – media that have been tested and output successfully on their machines.

Other shops, however, are ready, willing, and unafraid to explore new media worlds and, like the explorers of long ago, search for something different, perhaps something exotic and unexpected.

No matter which “media camp” you fall into – or perhaps you're somewhere in-between the safe and the wildly experimental – you'll soon find that the media choices available can boggle the mind. Variables can include composition, surface treatment/texture, color, whiteness/brightness, ink compatibility, post-printing compatibility, width, and much more.

This month’s Media Sourcelist can help you plot your media course. It includes media manufacturers and private-label distributors of wide-format paper, film, vinyl, plastics, and self-adhesives. We’re provided a thumbnail description of each company’s offerings, but for more detailed information we urge you to visit the company’s website.

Note that we have listed only primary producers, manufacturers, converters, and private-brand sellers of media for wide-format graphics. We’ve not listed companies if they’re only selling or distributing another company’s products (unless it’s an exclusive arrangement).

Advantage Distribution
Advantage branded vinyl, eco-friendly banner media, paper.

Advantage Sign Supply 
Optima Opti-Jet vinyl, paper, and banner media for aqueous; Opti-Solve for solvents.

AdventureCam Photo
Proof Line banner, poster, and signage media; paper, vinyl, films, and self-adhesives.

Synaps OM waterproof, eco-friendly synthetic paper for digital UV printing; Synaps AP/AR pressure-sensitive self-adhesive media for UV.

Chantaffiche coated papers for banners and billboards, including Metalized for a metallic effect.

Alameda Supplies
Alameda wide-format inkjet paper, banner, and film.

American Permalight
Permalight Photoluminescent vinyl and polyester printable films.

Arkwright Advanced Coating
Paper, film, and vinyl for aqueous, solvent, latex, UV-curable, including a range of green products.

A variety of cast films, calendered films, window films, banner material, interior products, wall-wrap films, and more. Its DPF 207 is a 6-mil matte white vinyl film with a clear removable pressure-sensitive adhesive designed to bond well and be removable to substrates such as smooth painted non-vinyl walls.

Aslan Schwarz
PVC, films, and self-adhesives for aqueous, solvent/mild-solvent, latex, and UV-curable inks.

Avery Graphics
Digital media includes its Supercast, High Performance and Intermediate Calendered, Promo Calendered, Window films, and Specialty films (including Street Marking and Eco Friendly films). Its MPI 2121 Transit Vinyl is a flexible calendered vinyl film with matte finish and 100% opacity, designed for all temporary transit graphic applications (pre-approved CBS Outdoor and Titan Media).

Axon Graphix
PerfectProduction paper and film for aqueous printers.

Bandanna Banner
Bandanna Extreme Digital vinyl for solvent printers.

Bayer Films Americas
Makrofol DE and PC polycarbonate films.

BF Inkjet Media
SignMaster vinyl and banner; MuralMaster textured synthetic; and CapStone papers.

Big Systems
BigJet, ValuJet, and WetJet media for aqueous printers; BigSol for solvent/mild-solvent, latex, and UV.

Brand Management Group
Exclusive NA distributor of HP media for latex, Kodak wide-format inkjet media, and iVivid media.

Bruin Plastics
Screen Tex and VCM (vinyl-coated mesh); Celebration! Banner material.

CalComp Graphic Solutions
Artisan line includes adhesive-backed vinyls, poster papers, static clings, and more.

Canon Solutions America
Canon wide-format media, including film, paper, banner, and vinyl. Plus, Océ Pro-Select (instant-dry), Display Graphics Inkjet (aqueous), Options (for short-term outdoor graphics), and a line of Océ media (film, banner, vinyl, paper) for UV, latex, eco-solvent, and solvent printers.

Catalina Graphic Films
Mojave digital media for UV, solvent, latex, and more; various pressure-sensitive films and media.

Clear Focus Imaging
One-way vision films include JetVue and Image JetVue inkjet-coated exterior-mount films; plus various uncoated perf’d vinyl and unperforated vinyl films.

Contra Vision
Contra Vision XR, ORS, and Performance (all in Inside or Outside versions), plus Open Outside and Sprint Inside, and Backlite see-through films, all for solvent, latex, or UV-curable printing.

EnviroScape Mural Plus! sustainable media, Blox-Lite opaque banner, GreenLight Plus for backlits, and more.

Cooley Group
CoolFlex frontlit and backlit, CoolMesh, and Cooley-Brite media. Also: Enviroflex environmentally friendly media, including Enviroflex PE with HP ColorPro technology for latex and Enviroflex PE for UV.

Creative Banner Assemblies
Titan Digital Media for solvent, eco-solvent, UV cured, water based, and latex printers.

CET Films
Impact modified acrylic films, metalized vinyls, and more. A division of Nekoosa Coated Products.

DaVinci Technologies
DaVinci polystyrene opaque and translucent banner media, backlit media, and paper, for aqueous, latex, solvent, and UV.

Magellan Bead vinyl and banner media for UV and aqueous; solvent banner and self-adhesive media; coated bonds.

Digital Art Supplies
DAS Backlit, Outdoor Backlit and Sticky Indoor Backlit; DAS Adhesive and Banner Vinyl; DAS Poster Papers; more.

Digital Media Warehouse
Rhinojet vinyl, self adhesives, paper, and banner.

Scrim Vinyl Outdoor plus various media for inkjet. . .

Bling metallic media, GlassTex printable window film, Terralon PVC-free wall covering, DreamScape Light media, and more.

Variety of print media for aqueous, solvent, eco-solvent, and UV printers. Its SilkScape banner material is an 8-mil, 99%-opaque white polypropylene film with a satin matte finish and single-sided print receptive coating; it’s compatible with latex as well as solvent, eco-solvent, and UV inks. ViziPrint is a clear, UV-printable, self-adhesive polyester window film with a specially designed, embossed release liner; the proprietary adhesive is removable and repositionable.

Tyvek, Tyvek Metallized, Tyvek Vivia, and Tyvek Brillion.

Vinyl, banners, films, and papers for solvent, eco-solvent, UV, latex, and water-based.

Epson signage media for advertising, banner, and P-O-P applications; paper and film for aqueous printers. Its Epson GS DisplayTrans Backliit Media is high-resolution backlight film designed for professional backlight displays, for solvent inks.

FDC Graphic Films
Cast and calendered sign vinyl, perforated, and reflective films; banner and front and backlit media for solvent, eco-solvent, and UV.

Product lines for aqueous, UV, latex, and solvent printers.

FlexMark, FlexMark Floor Art, CounterDeco, BusMark and BusArt, RailMark, LiteCal, SeeThru-Sign, WindowDeco, and more. Its Super Clear 6525 window film is a polyester film for UV printing, removable for promotional or architectural use.

Fujicopian USA
FixFilm-IJ self-adhering films for aqueous; also FixFilm-DSP1 for display applications.

Gavrieli Plastics
Gavrieli vinyls, paper, banner, and film for wide-format printers.

SurePrint Direct Select vinyl, Window Vinyl Perf, Photobase, and Polyester; SurePrint Vinyl for aqueous.

General Formulations
Concept solvent & UV adhesive-coated PVC films; Traffic Graffic floor films; MetroMark and SubMark outdoor media; WallMark wall media; perf’d and static-cling vinyls; more.

G-Floor Graphic
G-Floor Graphic in various patterns; also, G-Floor Graphic Ultra and G-Floor Graphic Absolute White print media; for solvent and UV inks.

InCycle Sheet Expanded PET manufactured from recycled water bottles for UV and offset printing.

Graphics One
GO Premier films and papers.

Gregory Trendbanner media; Trendfilm floor- and carpet-graphic media, wall fabrics.

Briteline Duration intermediate films and Briteline economy films; Briteline Window Perf, Static Cling

Harman Inkjet
OpalJet Display Media for aqueous and solvent; CrystalJet Elite coated inkjet media.

Hawk Mountain Paper
Various cotton-rag papers for inkjet.

Bantex digital banner media, in one- and two-sized versions, various weights.

HP paper, film, backlit, banner, self-adhesive media, and more, for Designjet, Scitex, latex. Brand Management Group ( is the exclusive US distributor for its latex media.

Hexis USA
Skintac cast-vinyl wrap films; vinyls and mesh for signmaking; Naturally range of green media; UFlex3 printable flex; more. Its HX30000 comprises a multilayered cast vinyl film and release liner with Hex’Press adhesive; the film is designed for vehicle graphics and interior décor items such as furniture, phones, and laptops.

IJ Technologies
BlackDiamond Adhesive-Backed Vinyl and Tyvek; SolGraphix blockout vinyl for solvents; DuraView Backlit film; DuraGraphix Adhesive-Backed Vinyls, Vinyl BannerJet, PolyArt, PolyBanner; double-sided media; more.

BioMedia biodegradable display films, OmniJet wide-format media, and more. Its Omnijet Bright White Solvent Canvas 335gsm is a PVC-free, 100% cotton canvas with a satin finish for use with solvent and eco-solvent printers; designed for décor, point-of-sale, and commercial displays.

Infiniti Digital
Orasign vinyl, paper, banner, film.

Inkpress Paper
Inkpress Adhesive Vinyl; Vinyl; Backlit Film; more.

InkTec USA
Inktec Premium Clear films for pigment and dye inks.

i2i archival papers for pigment and dye-based inks.

InteliCoat Technologies
A variety of media for aqueous, solvent, mild-solvent, latex, and UV-curable printers. Media range from paper and banner to self-adhesives and films, and more. Its Eco-Satin Indoor Paper is 200-gsm, 8.5-mil paper designed for the creation of posters, backlit, banners, and P-O-S applications; one-side printable and recyclable, its engineered for latex, solvent, eco-solvent, and UV-cure.

Japan Pulp and Paper USA
Wide-format glossy and matte media, resin-coasted media.

Kapco Graphic Products
Kapco banner material, paper, vinyl (including Etch Glass Vinyl), and films for water-based inkjet, solvent, latex and UV. Its 8-mil Microporous Gloss Polypropylene Film is a bright white, water-resistant, recyclable water-based inkjet print media with a microporous coating for instant drying (also available in an adhesive-backed version).

Kernow North America
HydroJet papers and films for large-format applications; also HydroSol for solvents and Hydroprint UVC for UV; Evolon PVC-banner material.

Kimoto Tech
KimoJet polyester film for aqueous printers.

UV-Curable Display Paper and UV-Curable Display Film-Plus (day/night) for the commercial display market, available directly through Kodak; also Kodak Matchprint inkjet proofing media. Kodak Wide-Format Inkjet Media distributed by Brand Management Group (

LexJet and Sunset films, self-adhesives, banner, paper, and more for aqueous, solvent, latex, and UV-curable inkjets. Plus: Valeron Banner film; Absolute Backlit; Avatrex printable coating with built-in laminate; more. Its Print-N-Stick Fabric is a repositionable and removable adhesive-backed fabric for wall murals and cut-out wall graphics, P-O-P displays, and more; compatible with aqueous and latex inks.

Liberty Photo
Its Liberty Signature Series media line includes Signature Series Poly Poster, Premium Scrim Vinyl, and various papers.

Lintec of America
Mother Green line of polyolefins, acrylics, and urethane-based face films for backlist, vehicles, and more. Also: L-AG films for solvents and mild solvents, Printerior wall media, Wincos and Mistlass optically clean window film, more.

Opaljet Translucent media, Opaljet Solvent media, Opaljet SuperGloss, and Opaljet Inkjet.

Imagin series of self-adhesive and vinyl media for aqueous, solvent, UV-curable and latex; Rebel series of vinyl, polyester, and foil media for solvent and UV screen and digital printers; Bloom Enviropath films and papers; Macmark colored vinyl; more. Its Permanent Imagin WallNoodle PN629 features a thick vinyl facestock coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive and offers a semi-rigid print surface; for eco-solvent, solvent, latex, and UV-cured inkjet; indoor and outdoor applications.

Mehler Texnologies
Valmex Backlit, Frontlit, Truck, Mesh, and Blockout media; also Valmex Airtex banner fabric (three varieties).

Metamark Digital Media includes vinyl, polyester, banner, backlit, and one-way vision films; most for solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and latex. US distributors: Splash of Color ( and NuSign (

Milano Digital
Milano Digital products include film, vinyl, static cling, paper, banner media, and more.

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper
Jetscript films and specialty papers.

Mitsubishi Imaging
Grace wide-format papers; DiamondJet paper and vinyls; Pictorico films.

Mutoh vinyl and banner media; also, Ready2Print pre-grommeted and pre-hemmed banner material.

Nazdar Source One
ImageStar paper, vinyl, self-adhesive, display films, and Illusion 60/40 one-way vision film for aqueous, solvent, mild-solvent, latex, and UV-curable printers.

Neo Media America
WP vinyl, textile, and adhesive banner for aqueous; Solink film and vinyl for mild-solvent and solvent printers.

Neschen Americas
PureNature eco-friendly media; self-adhesive vinyls and wall media; InDisplay film, flex and fabric media; PVC flexface; PureColor media for solvent, eco-solvent, UV, latex; more. Fresco AdTex is a lightweight polyester textile with a removable and repositionable adhesive, designed for indoor wall-graphic applications; compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, latex, and UV-curable inks.

Next Wave Media Solutions
Aqueous media lines include BanJet, PermaJet, PosterJet, TransJet, and DuraJet; also paper, canvas, and polypropylene for solvent inkjets

Normandy Coating
Polyester films for wide-format.

NuSign Supply
Nu-Flex banner, backlit, perforated vinyl, mesh, static clings, one-way vision films, and more.

Orafol Americas
Orajet vinyl, film, perforated window media, and more for solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and latex printers. Its Oralite Series 5650RA Fleet Engineering Grade Reflective Film with RapidAir Technology is a 5-mil printable reflective film with an air-release liner, for latex, solvent, eco-solvent, UV-curable, and screen printing..

Parrot Digigraphic
Parrot Jet vinyl banner; Parrot-branded film, paper, and more.

Photo Tex
Photo Tex, Photo Tex(S), Photo Tex (EX), and Photo Tex (EXS) self-adhesive, peel-and-stick polyester fabric for aqueous, solvent and mild-solvent, latex, and UV; plus Photo Tex (OPA).

PlaLight America
PlaLight-Ad printable reflective materials for solvent and water-based inks.

Adhesive-backed and static-cling vinyls; see-through window films; various eco-friendly media.

Vinyls and papers for water-based inks; vinyls for solvent/eco-solvent.

PPG Industries
Teslin IJ and IJWP (waterproof) films for inkjet; Lumit Digital Paper (polyester-based synthetic).

Premier Imaging
PremierArt display films, papers, and vinyls.

Quality Media & Laminating
Vinyls, banners, and films for solvent, UV, latex, and aqueous.

Qué Media
Magnate eco-solvent media comprising self-adhesives, static-clings, vinyls, more; Majestic, Monarch, and Motif media for aqueous.

Quick Roll Leaf Mfg
Quick Sign gold and silver vinyl film.

R Tape
VinylEfx self-adhesive metalized vinyl for solvent, mild-solvent, and UV-curable printers; GlowEfx phosphorescent vinyl; Claritex polycarbonate film for UV and latex.

Rayven Inc.
Vinyl, film, and papers (including metalized gold and silver papers); Nomex fire-resistant banner.

Read & Co.
Read-branded banner vinyl, cling, and films for water-based, solvent, and mild-solvent printers.

Rite-Media Promotion and Polymeric Vinyl, Promotional Fleet Wrap, Solvent Printable Fabric and Paper, WallTex, and more.

RI-Print for solvent; Eco RI-Print; RI-Trans; RI-Wrap; RI-Mount; and more.

Roland DGA
Papers (including Paparazzi premium matte); banner vinyl; films (including RolyPoly polyester banner film); static-clings and other vinyls; and more.

SID Signs
OneSign vinyl and banner.

Sihl Digital Imaging
Digital-imaging papers include TriSolv PrimeArt (including blueback), TriSolv PostArt, Wet Strength Poster Paper, and others; Display films including ExhibitPro blockout, PolySol Popup film, Syntisol with EasyTack, and more; SureBet vinyl banner and mesh; UV Fusion backlit media; Sihl Permovable pressure-sensitive films; and more.

Sonoma Graphic Products
Banner, films, self-adhesive vinyl, and papers for aqueous, solvent, UV, and latex.

Stafford Textiles
Grandform backlit, frontlit, mesh, cloth, and banner media for solvent.

TechNova Imaging Systems
NovaJet papers and films for aqueous inks; NovaSign vinyl and banner media for solvent, eco-solvent, and UV.

DuraView films for solvent; JetView polyester and polycarbonate for UV; more.

3M Commercial Graphics
Wide-format inkjet lines include 3M Banner, 3M Wall Decorating Film, Controltac, Scotchcal, Scotchprint, and Scotchlite banner, self-adhesive, film, reflective, perforated media, and more; for aqueous, solvent, UV, latex, and electrostatic. Its 3M Envision Print Wrap Film 480Cv3 high-performance, non-PVC graphic films are compatible with latex, UV, and some solvent inks.

Top Value Fabrics
Its product mix includes Frontlit Banner, Blockout banner, Mesh Banner, Polypropylene Banner, direct-print textiles, and more. Its 6-mil Polypropylene Matte WR with Adhesive is water-resistant and is designed with an aqueous dye/pigment inkjet-receptive print surface; the backside is prepared with a pressure-sensitive acrylic permanent adhesive and a PET release liner.

Transvy and Trans-Block vinyl films; a variety of synthetic papers, including Teslin and Pro-Print (with a biodegradable option); clings and pressure-sensitives; polyesters; and more.

Glen Raven Vivitex fabrics for sign and banner applications; Dickson Coatings EverGreen printable fabrics.

Ultraflex Systems
Frontlit flexible PVC banner for UV, latex, and solvent; backlit PVC banner for UV, latex, solvent, and eco-solvent; mesh PVC for solvent, eco-solvent, and UV; blockout banner; and more. Its IllumiSol BL Film is a multi-platform, 8.5-mil PET film is coated one-side for eco-solvent, solvent and UV printing and is specifically designed to produce vivid backlit graphics, the company reports.

Universal Products
Solutions-branded vinyl, banner, and film for solvent, mild-solvent, and UV-curable.

US Banner Corp.
Crown, Coral, Pearl, and Pearl Prints vinyl for solvents; also, BigFoot Banner rolls.

Topaz banner and paper for aqueous and eco-solvent inks; plus banner media.

Value Vinyls
GrandFlex coated backlit; Ad-Flex; FreedomMedia (matte, gloss, opaque, more) compatible with solvents. Also: Rio Mesh, Gloss, Matte, and more; its Rio 9 oz. Mesh Supreme with Liner can be used for printing on one side and is intended for indoor and outdoor displays for long-term usage (also available without the liner).

Worthen Industries
Perception wide-format media including canvas and fabrics for aqueous, eco-solvent, solvent, UV, and latex.

Xcel Products
Xcel high-tack static cling; TerraSkin XP (pulp-free paper comprising 80% stone); DigitalXPS polystyrene; various pressure-sensitive films and other inkjet media.


Making a Media Choice
A few questions to ask when it comes to choosing media:

• Where will the graphics be installed: indoors, outdoors, under bright lights, etc?
• Does an application have special considerations: one-way vision requirements, needs to conform to any vehicle regulations, wind is a factor, etc?
• How long is the printed graphic expected to last?
• Will the graphic need post-output finishing: laminating, mounting, sewing/welding, grommeting, hanging?
• Are ICC color profiles available for the media/ink/printer combination?
• How consistent is the media from one batch to the next: surface texture, brightness, etc?
• What’s the cost per square foot?
• Can this media be used on all your printers, or just select ones?
• Does the media producer offer a warranty? What does it cover?
• Does the media supplier offer samples for test prints?

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