Meet the Mob

Color Reflections outputs more than 800 prints for Las Vegas Mob Museum.

Big Picture

The Mob Museum, dedicated to the history of organized crime and law enforcement, debuted in Las Vegas this past February. To bring the exhibits to life, Vegas’s own Color Reflections output more than 800 prints using the shop’s HP Designjet Z6100 and then mounted the graphics onto Plexiglas. For a small portion of the work, an EFI Vutek GS3200 was utilized to print directly onto Plexiglas, glass, MDF, and metal. All custom cutting was done with the shop’s Multicam 3000 series CNC router. “Our staff put in more than 2000 man-hours to create the vast library of photographs that tell the rich history of the mob, and visually introduce the visitor to those men and women who played a role in this historical organization,” says Joe Castellano, Color Reflections’ president.


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