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Mermaid, Skywalker Printers from Eurotech

Company debuts 126-in. direct-to-fabric and 98-in. solvent printers.

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Turkey-based Eurotech Printers has introduced the 126-in. Mermaid direct-to-fabric printer. The dye-sub Mermaid utilizes water-based disperse-dye inks for printing onto fabric containing at least 50% polyester content. Armed with six Spectra Nova 256 printheads that produce 80-pl drops, the Mermaid offers a true 720-dpi resolution in 6-color printing and top speeds up to 1938 sq ft/hr.

Once the graphics have been printed, the fabric passes under infrared heaters that immediately heat-set the textile; the fabric is ready-to-go right off the printer. The Mermaid also features a special tension motor to provide appropriate textile tension, an automatic head capping system, a flush-valve system and a choice of RIPs: Colorgate ProductionServer 5 Select or Pro version with profile-making capabilities.

Price of the Mermaid: $145,000.

Also new are the Skywalker 4 and 5 printers. The solvent-based 98-in. Skywalker 4 and the 126-in. Skywalker 5 offer 12 Spectra 128 Gold 80-pl printheads imaging six colors. Additionally, the Skywalker Premium 5 features 50-pl Spectra 128Gold printheads.

Accommodating thicknesses up to 5 mm, the Skywalker printers offer resolutions up to 800 dpi. Top speeds for the Skywalker reaches 1076 sq ft/hr in 1-pass mode; its 16-pass high-quality print mode produces 75 sq ft/hr. Also, these printers offer a fully automatic head-cleaning system, a ColorGate RIP, front/rear heaters, and a take-up system.

Price: Skywalker 4, $42,500; Skywalker 5, $50,000; Skywalker Premium 5, $55,000. Eurotech is currently seeking a US distributor.


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