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MGE i-cut Graphics Router

Designed for rigid and semi-rigid materials.

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Designed for use with rigid and semi-rigid media, the new i-cut GraphicsRouter from MGE is equipped with i-cut Vision workflow and an 18,000-rpm router to contour router-cut media such as Sintra, polycarbonate, plywood, MDF, sign foam, Gatorfoam, and aluminum. The GraphicsRouter is available in three table sizes-89 x 71 in. (the i-R 1513M), 89 x 144-in. (i-R 1530M), and 102 x 144 in. (i-R 2030M)-and can accommodate media up to 2-in. thick, while cutting at speeds up to 14 in./sec with a repeatability of 0.002 in.

Like other i-cut systems, the i-cut Graphics Router imports cutting files directly from RIPs. Unlike traditional CNC machines, the iR contour routers can compensate for location, rotation, or print/lamination/material distortions-both linear and non-linear in nature.

Included in the starter kit of router bits:

* a straight-cut bit with a double-flute tip design for use with printed Gatorplast, Ultra Board, and Kappa;

* an up-cut bit with a double flute tip for use with Coroplast with two-sided printing;

* several sizes of down-cut and up-cut bits with a single flute tip for Sintra, styrene, acrylic, polycarbonate, and Dibond with top print/laminate; and

* a two-edge spoilboard surfacing bit.

Other available tips include those for routing wood, soft plastics, hard plastics, and metal.

Price: $62,250 to $80,775, depending on size and options.


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