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Miller Weldmaster Table-Top Seamer C-MIT 1000

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Miller Weldmaster's new C-MIT 1000 is a sign-finishing machine that allows large-format print providers to produce signs and banners larger than most printers' capabilities. This table-top seamer is 10 ft wide, and seams through a combination of heat, speed, and pressure (the heat source is a heated wedge). It will weld together all themoplastics including vinyl; some fabrics can be welded together using a heat-activated tape.

The C-MIT 1000 creates almost invisible seams between panels and finishes edges with a variety of hems and pole pockets. On average, a 3 x 5-ft banner hemmed on all four sides takes 1 min 15 sec to totally weld. (Miller Weldmaster: www.weldmaster.com)

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