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Mimaki and Mikkelsen Partner

MGE's i-cut paired with Mimaki's CF2 flatbed cutting table.

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Mimaki is pairing its CF2 precision flatbed cutting table with Mikkelsen Graphics Engineering??"??"??s i-cut Vision workflow. The resultant machine offers a wide selection of contour cutting combinations on a variety of media including coated board, vinyl, plastics, leather, and laminated P-O-P.

The MGE i-cut system includes a Vision camera, software, and workflow enhancements. The i-cut Vision camera finds the registration marks printed by any printer. Its software imports the cutting files from a variety of RIPs, reads the registration marks, and makes adjustments for board skew or distortion with an accuracy of 0.004 in.

The CF2 offers a vacuum flatbed to hold media in place for even the most intricate of cuts using a knife, kiss-cut knife, oscillating knife, and creasing wheels. The CF2 also offers the capability to use two tools at the same time, which means users can perform half-cuts and die-cuts or die-cuts and scoring without changing tools.

Price for the CF2 i-cut system: Approximately $63,000. The i-cut is added onto the Mimaki CF2 by approved dealers.


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