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Mimaki Offers New Printers, Cutters, and Software

Including new Raster Link Pro II RIP

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Mimaki is offering several new printers, cutters, and software:

  • The 98-in. JV3-250 SPF solvent printer differs from the company's JV3-250 in that it features an AMF-250 automatic media-feeding device. Its tension bar moves up and down, ensuring even media tension on all types of rolled media. The JV3-250 SPF also comes with the new Raster Link Pro II RIP, which is a Wasatch engine used for specialty colors, such as user-defined spot colors. The 250 SPF is offered with and without the UISS-12 uninterruptible ink supply system that holds 24 cartridges for 24- hr printing. JV3-250 SPF is $52,995.
  • The 23.4-in. 7-color with white UJF- 605RH rollfed UV-curable printer is the same printer as the UJF-605II (Nov. p. 19), but is designed for gravure and flexographic proofing on thin films for making packaging proofs and prototypes. It also features adjustable headheight up to 2 mm.
  • The 35 x 47-in. CF2-0912 Universal Flatbed cutting plotter is the same machine as the CF-0912, but the CF2 version features an electronic eye for contour cutting a variety of materials.
  • The Mimaki Profile Master supports the JV3 line and creates custom ICC profiles with an easy-to-use set of tools.


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