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Mimaki Presents CF3-1631/1610 Cutting Routers

Flatbed cutting system for rigid substrates.

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With more and more print shops using flatbed printers to image directly onto rigid substrates, the demand for contour cutting of these substrates is increasing. To help meet those demands, Mimaki has introduced the CF3-1631 and CF3-1610 flatbed cutting plotters, equipped with a router head.

The same sizes as Mimaki's JF-series flatbed printers, the 63 x 39-in. CF3-1610 and the 63 x 122-in. CF3-1631 offer three interchangeable heads: router, reciprocating cutter, and tangential cutter. The reciprocating blade cuts through (or creases) corrugated board like a typical saw would, as well as thick, soft materials; the tangential blade is like an X-acto knife and does sharp cuts with pressure, cutting materials from soft to rigid with a cutting force of up to 11 lb; the router head is for cutting hard materials like metals, thick plastics, wood, Gatorboard, and Dibond. Maximum cutting depth for the router is 1.97-in. (50 mm), for the reciprocating cutter is 0.78 in. (20 mm), and for the tangential cutter is 0.39 in. or 10 mm.

A sensor detects registration marks for precise contour cutting and the partitioned vacuum table allows for two (1610) or six zones (1631).

In addition, the company offers two new softwares: Mimaki Product Manager and FineCut 7. Mimaki Product Manager sets up cutting conditions, and FineCut creates cutting data from Corel and Adobe files. The CF3 series begins shipping in the US in January 2008.



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