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Mimaki Rolls Out UJF-605R II

And New Inksets

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Building on the framework of the UJF- 605C released at SGIA 2003, Mimaki has unveiled its new roll-to-roll UJF-605R II. Designed primarily for production printing of switch overlays, as well as gravure and flexographic proofs, the 23.4-in. UJF- 605R is a 7-color (CMYcmW) printer using UV-curable inks in 440-ml cartridges. This rollfed printer is unusual in the way it prints"?much more like its parent flatbed. The 605R II advances the rolled media until its printing area is full"?23.4 x 19.5 in. (using a 24-in. roll)"?and then stops advancing media and prints that section; it then advances another 19.5 in. and prints that area. It prints onto media up to 2-mil thick with resolutions up to 1200 x 2400 dpi and speeds up to 33 sq ft/hr. The 605R II can print onto a number of untreated plastic materials such as PET and polycarbonate; and, says Mimaki, more substrates are being tested. Estimated price: $170,000.

Mimaki also premiered two new inksets "?ES3 and HS inks, both for the company's JV3. Mimaki reports that the ES3 inks contain no cyclohexanone and are low-odor type inks for use with normal air-filtration systems. In addition, the ES3 inkset features: an improved color gamut, especially in the red area of the spectrum; higher abrasion durability; improved drying characteristics; is available in six colors; and is compatible with many non-coated media. Requiring forced ventilation, the HS inks are available in six colors, feature excellent drying characteristics that are necessary for high-speed printing, and offer high density and high-resolution printing with little bleeding.


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