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Mimaki UJV-160 Prototype

At SGIA the company previewed its new hybrid printer.

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At SGIA, Mimaki previewed a prototype of its new UJV-160 roll and rigid hybrid printer, due to be released in the spring of 2008. The 64-in. UJV-160 pairs Mimaki hardware with new UV-flexible inks developed by 3M.

The UJV-160 will offer 4- or 8-color printing, handle rigid media up to 7-mm thick, and offer print resolutions up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. The new 7-color UV flexible inkset (CMYKcmW) will offer high pigment density and minimal VOCs.

Imaging with variable-drops (with ink drops as small as 6 pl), anticipated 4-color print speeds include a top speed of 140 sq ft/hr in Draft mode (600 dpi, 4-pass HI bi-directional), a Normal-mode speed of 43 sq ft/hr at 600 dpi, 8-pass HI uni-directional, and 22 sq ft/hr for Fine-mode imaging at 1200 dpi in 16-pass HI uni-directional.

The company reports that it anticipates a shift toward flexible UV printing for various applications such as P-O-P, imaging onto clear and metallic surfaces, textiles, rigid media, and vehicle graphics.

Projected price: approximately $80,000.


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