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Mimaki’s New Latex and UV Printers

Both machines available in 53- and 63-inch models.

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Mimaki has announced two new printers, including a latex machine that is the company’s first foray into environmentally friendly latex ink.

The JV400LX latex printer is available in two sizes: a 53-in. version, badged the JV400-130LX; and a 63-in., badged the JV400-160LX. It supports 6 colors (CMYKcm) plus white, and its newly developed latex inks allow for a low curing temperature of 60 degrees C or below, Mimaki reports, allowing for printing on a wide range of heat-sensitive materials. The drying process is further aided by three heaters – pre, print, and post – integrated into the machine, as well as drying fans. The new printer is equipped with Mimaki’s MCT ink-circulation system to prevent pigment sedimentation and allow for stable ink dispersion (as well as reducing the need for manual ink-cartridge circulation processes). The inks come in 600-ml ink packs, set in eco-cases that don’t have to be recycled.

Other features of the JV400LX include: a top resolution of 1200 dpi; maximum print speeds of 195 sq ft/hr, variable dot size with a minimum dot size of 4 picoliters; and more.

Information on Mimaki’s second new printer – the 6-color JV400SUV printer (also CMYKcm, but no white ink) – was just becoming available as this issue went to press. Details include: The JV400SUV is also available in 53- and 63-in. models, and utilizes the same print engine as the JV400LX, but runs with the company’s newly developed solvent UV (SUV) Mimaki inks. In the printing process, Mimaki reports, “the solvent compound is absorbed by the ink-receiving layer of the media … [and the] printed ink is then cured with a UV process, resulting in a smooth glossy appearance that simulates coating yet maintains the bright colors expected of a solvent printer.” Top speed on the JV400SUV is 195 sq ft/hr; it offers a resolution of 1200 dpi. Inks are in 600-ml packs.

Both printers also feature the new RasterLink6 RIP as standard; the RIP offers an improved user interface and the ability to monitor printing progress from the main screen as well as an enhanced color-replacement function. The printers are expected to be available in the spring.


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