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Moab by Legion Paper

New line of fine-art Japanese papers.

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Moab by Legion Paper introduced its line of Moenkopi Japanese Washi papers designed and coated for digital photographers and artists. The papers are made from sustainable and environmentally friendly fibers.

The line includes: Kozo 110, Unryu 55, and Bizan 300. Kozo 110 is a 100-gsm paper made of Kozo (mulberry) fiber with a smooth surface; the paper is available as A4 and A3+ (13 x 19 in.) sheets; rolls available as special order. Unryu 55 is a natural white 55-gsm paper that's ideal for adding depth to a print, reports Moab; the paper is available in A4 and A3+ sheets and 44-in. x 15-m rolls. Bizan 300 is a sun-dried paper made from Kozo and hemp fibers; the 300-gsm paper is available in A4 and A3+ sheets.

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