Modular Glass Printer from Dip-Tech

Introducing the GPi Series.

Big Picture

Dip-Tech has introduced the GPi Series of glass printers featuring the company’s proprietary New Era technology. The four-model series offers a modular configuration with a max. flatbed size of 95 x 236 in. The series’ print speeds are quoted up to 1200 sq ft/hr for single-color dots and lines, 750 sq ft/hr for multicolor patterns, and 375 sq ft/hr for photorealistic images. Features include 10-pL variable droplet size, up to 1410-dpi resolution, and DXP3 Advanced software with RIP, pattern generator, and color atlas. Compatible inks include the company’s Spectrum, Extra Durable S1, Slip-Resistance, Architectural Light Diffusion, Automotive Black, and Anti-Stick products.

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