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MonacoEZcolor Bundled with iQsmart1 Scanner

To aid in creation of ICC color profiles

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Creo and X-Rite have announced that X-Rite's MonacoEZcolor color-management software will now be bundled with the Creo iQsmart1 professional color scanner to help graphic designers and professional photographers produce ICC color profiles for the iQsmart1.

The iQSmart1 12 x 18-in. flatbed professional scanner features 16-bit color, XY scanning technology, an inverted CCD, and offers flexibility in scanning oversize enlargements, books, and packages. MonacoEZcolor creates custom ICC profiles to compensate for variances in color between input, output, and viewing devices. The profiling solution includes: MonacoEZcolor software, MonacoOPTIXXR hardware, a KodakIT8 5x7 reflective target, and a Kodak IT8 4x5 transarency target. (Creo: www.creo.com)

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