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MonacoOptix Colorimeter Works with LCDs or CRTs

Can be used simply for monitor calibration or part of EZColor system

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Whether you simply need a way to keep your monitor calibrated or are interested in a complete package for profiling monitors, scanners and printers, Monaco Systems can suggest a solution.

Last fall, the company introduced their new MonacoOPTIX colorimeter--a $299 sensor that can be adapted for use with either LCD or CRT monitors. The accompanying Optix software features a user-friendly interface that walks users through each step of involved in creating and saving a monitor profile.

Additional features include user-selectable white point and gamma settings and hardware-assisted brightness and contrast adjustments. The software is available in Mac OS 9, OS X and Windows versions. Until May 31, Monaco is offering a $75 rebate for users of the MonacoSENSOR or similar monitor calibration devices.

The latest version of Monaco EZColor (2.5) software for creating custom profiles of monitors, scanners and printers can now accept data gathered by the MonacoOptix device. The MonacoOptix/EZcolor bundle is priced at $548. (Monaco Systems, Inc. 978-749-9944, www.monacosys.com)

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