Mutoh Launches New RJ-900 Dye-Sub Printer

Integrates Mutoh’s Intelligent Interweaving (I²) technology.

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Mutoh has launched its new RJ-900 printer, a 4-color (CYMK) compact unit specifically engineered for dye sublimation. The RJ 900 offers a maximum print width up to 42 inches and print resolutions up to 2880 dpi; top speed is 426 square feet/hour in draft mode (115 in production mode). As with the 1618A, the new RJ 900 integrates Mutoh’s Intelligent Interweaving (I²) technology.
The machine uses Mutoh DS dye-sub inks (220-ml cartridges). High-quality printers can be transferred onto any dye-sub paper and sublimating can be done on a wide variety of fabrics and rigid substrates. “The emergence of new and improved dye-sub technology offers countless new business opportunities,” says Randy Rickert, general manager of Mutoh America.
Price: $8561; Mutoh DS dye-sub ink is priced at $66.99 per 220ml cartridge.



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