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MyPhotoZip Compresses Images Up to 1500:1

For transmission, proofing and storage of high-res images

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MyPhotoZip is a new workflow tool for compressing images up to ratios of 1500:1. According to the company behind the product, MyZipSoft, Inc., the secret to achieving these previously unattainable ratios is a unique wavelet and fractal recomposition algorithm.

It can be used to reduce large and bulky image files prior to storage or online transmission. For example, it can be particularly useful when transferring files via a dial-up connection or when preparing images for the Internet or multimedia applications. Its lossless-compression option can avoid the need to invest in larger hard drives.

According to product testers, a 24 MB image that was going to take 22 minutes to upload was sent in 33 seconds. And a 10 MB TIFF that would be compressed to 3 to 5 MB with JPEG or GIF compression was compressed to 2.5 kilobytes for fast e-mailing.

An image-quality slide-bar enables users to adjust the image to an optimum size and preview it before saving it as an MPZ (.mpz) format file. Recipients of e-mailed MPZ files can download a free viewer application from the My Photo Zip website. Or the viewer can be freely distributed with the compacted files. Saved images can be returned to their original format.

MyPhotoZip sells for $9.95 for the 200:1 compression edition; $19.95 for the 1000:1 compression edition; and $39.95 for the 1500:1 compression edition. (MyZipSoft, Inc.: wwww.myzipsoft.com; www.myphotozip.com)

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