Mystical Lighting from Auto FX Software

Manipulate light and shading digitally

Big Picture

Apply realistic or surrealistic lighting and shading effects to digital images with the Mystical Lighting package from Auto FX Software. The package includes 16 visual effects, with over 400 presets for instant results and an infinite variety of looks.

For example, the Light Caster effect can be used to create streaming light, sunshine, and underwater light effects. Other descriptively named effects include flare, radial light caster, shadow play, light brush, ethereal, and spotlight.

Mystical Lighting also includes features such as layers, unlimited undos, visual presets, masking, and dynamic effect controls. Priced at $179, Mystical Lighting works as both an Adobe Photoshop plug-in and as a standalone application for Windows or Mac OS 9.0 to OS X. (Auto FX:

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