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Mytis-1SP from Noritsu

Same as Mytis-1 but with heating unit separate

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Noritsu's Mytis-1, which made its premier at PMA 2004, now has a cousin once-removed. The new Mytis-1SP is actually the same printer as the Mytis-1, but the heating unit is physically separated from the printer. Designed for high-volume shops, the separated system allows two prints to be handled and processed separately.

Like the Mytis-1, the 48-in. Mytis-1SP prints images up to 720 x 720 dpi and at speeds up to 160 ft/hr. Both printers use a sublimation process with 6-color dispersion dye inks (two cartridges per color) to produce photo-quality, outdoordurable prints.

The exclusive media for the Mytis printers is a line of self-adhesive Vision media: White, Backlit, Trans, Metallic, and Reflective. In the printing/heating process, the variable dots of ink are deposited, and when the print is heated, the inks are trapped in the inner fluorine layer of the media, protecting the print. The final print does not require lamination or edge-sealing, offers outdoor durability of 3 to 5 yr, and is weather-, water-, and graffiti-resistant.

Standard equipment includes the printer, loop unit, heating unit, and the customized Raster Link Pro RIP. Both the Mytis-1SP and the Mytis 1 sell for $79,000.

NORITSU www.noritsu.com

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