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NAPL Publishes Print-Production Workflow Guide

Explains how to go from the abstract to the practical

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An integrated and efficient workflow is essential to a successful graphics arts company. However, with rapid changes in technology and the wide range of options, the choice of the proper workflow for your company can be tough. A new guide from the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) suggests practical ways that print companies, service bureaus, ad agencies and publishing houses can begin to implement the abstract concept of a more highly automated workflow.

The book was written by Chuck Gehman, a technology expert with experience with Printcafe Software, Printable Technologies and the Digital Art Exchange. He explains the benefits and limitations of specific workflow solutions, including those based on conventional, digital, Internet-enabled, and hybrid systems. The book covers common terminology for applying and analyzing workflows, advantages of PDF vs. traditional Postscript workflow, software and hardware options, advantages and disadvantages of proprietary and do-it-yourself systems, and evolving workflow standards, including JDF, CIP4, and PDX/X.

The book also includes a digest of the available systems and solutions. "Print Production Workflow" is $34.95 ($29.95 for NAPL members). (National Association for Printing Leadership: 800-642-6275; www.napl.org)

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