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Nazdar Expands Lyson UV Curable Ink Line

Designed for printing flexibility.

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Nazdar has expanded its Lyson line of inks with the new UV Curable Digital Ink series for use with Inca Eagle (Lyson 7150F), Zund 215 (Lyson 7210F), and Nur Tempo (Lyson 7340F) printers. Designed for printing onto flexible materials such as vinyl and pressure-sensitive media to produce P-O-P displays, durable graphics, and billboard applications, these inks can also print onto rigid styrene, PVC, and polycarbonate.

Lyson 7150F and Lyson7210F are both 4-color (CMYK) inksets; the Lyson 7340F offers a 9-color (CMYKcmykW) inkset.
All of the inks are resistant to UV degradation
and color fading, provide consistent color values, and come in 5-l containers.